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Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading Program (SRP) has been running for over 30 years and is one of the many ways students and teachers connect at Proctor. Meeting in book groups during the Fall is one of the first shared experiences of all Proctor students and is one step to living the Proctor motto - Live to Learn and Learn to Live.  At Proctor, group leaders see the books they choose as ways to inspire curiosity and a taste of life-long learning with students. The more academic skills students will take from their summer reading experience are: critical thinking; communication and listening skills; and engagement with intellectual ideas. 

SRP Coordinator

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Summer Reading FAQ's

How do I sign up for summer reading?
See the big orange arrow on this page? Click there to select your summer reading! Note: students must provide top three options in order to allow for groups to be balanced. 

Do I receive a grade for my summer reading?
Students receive a pass/fail grade based on a skills list that the group leader uses to determine each student's standing. The skills list and a more detailed outline of each book's assignment will be in MyProctor for students to view.  All students will receive more information on that via email.  

When do I meet with my Summer Reading group?
Summer Reading groups meet at the very start of the Fall Term after Wilderness Orientation groups have returned from the White Mountains and Sports Camp athletes have concluded their preseason practices. All Summer Reading groups meet at the same time and that time will be determined at the start of the school year. 

How do I get my books for Summer Reading?
Each student is responsible for obtaining their own books for Summer Reading from an online store or your local bookstore. If you are having trouble finding your books, please reach out to the Summer Reading Coordinator or your group's sponsor.

Who can I contact with questions about my Summer Reading?
For all general questions about your Summer Reading selection, please contact Proctor's Summer Reading Coordinator, Erikka Adams, at adamser@proctoracademy.org. For questions about a specific Summer Reading group and assessment expectations, please check in your myProctor portal to contact your leader, your group members, for more information on your group's summer reading assignment.
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