Proctor Academy parents are involved in all aspects of the day-to-day life of the Proctor community. Learn how you can get involved as a parent!

Tips for Every Proctor Parent

Questions about…
  • Grades & Schedules: Derek Nussbaum Wagler, Academic Dean (603) 735-6645
  • Travel: Corrie Dickman, Admin. Assistant for Student Life (603) 735-6647
  • Finding a student on campus: Administration Office, Maxwell Savage (603) 735-6000
  • Roommate issues: Kyle Tremblay, Dean of Residential Life (603) 735-6772
  • Being a Day Student: John Bouton, Day Student Coordinator (603) 735-6628
  • Your student may open an account at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust. They can then have an ATM card for money. Suggestion: Have your name on the account to regulate account and spending.
Care Packages
  • Send food, frisbees, gift certificates to movies and the mall, fun games, etc.
  • Have the local specialty stores send snack and/or gift packs. They are always a hit!
Dorm Life - Moving
  • Send minimal items the first time. Bring winter items up at Fall Family Weekend.
  • If your student has questions about dorms, roommates, etc. contact: Kyle Tremblay, Dean of Residential Life, or (603) 735-6772
  • For first time boarders it is great if they bring a picture of family and pets from home, stamps and an address book with names of family and friends, etc., detergent for the laundry in the dorm, a few posters, and a container to keep food and snacks organized. There are some storage areas in each dorm (basements can be damp in some cases, though.)
  • For students spending a term off-campus or needing summer storage, Proctor partners with Dorm Room Movers as a third party storage service. Learn more HERE.
Dorm Damage
  • Remember the dorm is your son/daughter's home away from home. It is important that they respect it, and treat it as they would their own home. Dorm damage is expensive and any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be charged home at the end of the year.
  • Remember that airlines now can and often do charge for a third suitcase. Encourage your son/daughter to start ferrying things home during spring break or ship before the end of the year.
  • Use Manchester Airport if you can - it is a bit more expensive, but much more convenient for the students.
  • Remember that if your son or daughter is being picked up in Boston, MA, or Manchester, NH, following a vacation, the school-provided chartered transportation leaves at 5:30 p.m. Make sure flights are in by then as they do not provide a late pick-up for late or delayed arrivals.
  • There is school-provided transportation from South Station in Boston, MA, after vacations, pick up is at 5:30 p.m.
International Travel
  • Forwarding agents do not take suitcases or bags. Courier services take them; however, it is expensive. It maybe less expensive to pack everything in boxes and send it by mail. Delivery may take longer, so plan for extra time.
  • Proctor partners with Dorm Room Movers as a third party storage service. Learn more HERE.
  • For international student help contact Morgan Salathe
  • Arrive on Thursday afternoon for Fall Family Weekend. Join the golf tournament and then go to classes with your son/daughter Friday morning.
  • There are many scenic attractions you can take advantage of while here for a long weekend. The info booths on Routes 93 & 89 have all kinds of suggestions for places to go while visiting.
  • In the area there are a lot of good hiking trails - Ragged Mountain/Proctor, Mt. Kearsarge, Mt. Sunapee, even a short hike up the Blackwater, our ski area trails, can be fun.
  • Skiing in the winter is great (even for the beginner.) Try Ragged Mountain or Mt. Sunapee for a day.
  • Museums are all around you. Kearsarge Indian Museum is a gem in Warner. Go up to Dartmouth College in Hanover and visit the Hood Museum. If you have brought younger siblings, a trip to the Montshire Museum (right across the river) in Norwich, VT, is a lot of fun.
  • Check out the New London/Sunapee Area Chamber web site for things to do while here.
  • When you are in Concord, visit the AAA office at 2 Capital Plaza off Main Street. They have several discounts on area attractions, movies, and museums. These are available to members of AAA. It is open from 8:30-5:00 Mon-Fri. (800) 222-3422. A brochure is available listing all of the places that participate.
  • Students must have parental permission and a weekend travel pass complete (and approved) through Orah. Passes must be submitted by 12:30 PM on Friday.
  • Don't hesitate to call or e-mail faculty, advisor, or staff if you have a concern. They are interested in helping you sort out issues or answering questions.
  • When you arrive for registration, you will receive a list with all your contacts for faculty, deans, dorm parents and advisor. This will help you know whom to talk to for problems.
  • New parents, develop a relationship with your child's advisor. The advisor is the conduit through which all information about your student should flow. Remember, however, your child's advisor is also teaching, coaching, and dorm parenting, so be patient with their response! 
Weekend Activities
  • The faculty weekend team is responsible for hosting, creating, and planning weekend events with support and guidance from the Student Activities Office and Student Leaders.  A variety of on- and off-campus activities are offered. On-campus events may include dancers, concerts, and theatre performances. Faculty also sponsor on-campus activities such as ultimate frisbee, orienteering, capture-the-flag, broomball, and ping-pong tournaments. Off-campus trips are taken to nearby cities (such as Concord, Boston, or Hanover) and colleges for cultural events, dinners, sporting events, and shopping. In addition, trips are taken to nearby climbing sites, local rivers for kayaking, ice climbing in the winter, ski areas, hiking, and local beaches for surfing. Some off-campus activities may involve additional costs.
Located in  Andover, NH,  Proctor Academy is a private coeducational day and boarding school for grades 912. Students benefit from a rigorous academic program, experiential off-campus programs, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.
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