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Day students (local students who do not board on campus) have been an integral part of Proctor’s student population since the school first opened in 1848. Today, roughly 100 students (roughly 25% of all students) commute to school from surrounding towns, most within a 30-mile radius of campus. Mixed in with boarding students in advisory groups, classes, teams and afternoon activities, Day Students are an integral and valuable part of the community. Often, Boarding Students do not realize their classmate or advisory-mate is a Day Student until well into the school year. 


Do you have questions about what it is like to be a day student at Proctor? Assistant Dean for Day Students John Bouton to learn more! 

Daily Schedule

Day Students begin their day arriving on campus prior to their first block class. They may stop by the dining room for breakfast or a cup of coffee before class and are welcome to stay through dinner in order to attend evening extra help sessions, play rehearsals, or evening activities. Day Students are fully involved in activities, sports and general school life throughout the day, but are free to depart for home after their afternoon commitments (usually at 5:00 PM). Day Students may stay on campus for study hall, but must study in the library and reserve a spot ahead of time. 

Travel and Weather 

Commuting to campus during the winter months can present challenges to Day Students and their families. Proctor does not have “snow days” because we are a boarding community, and so  whenever inclement weather arises, Day Students must use their discretion traveling to campus and communicate proactively with their teachers and the Health Center about their absence or tardiness. 

Day Students

Thriving, close-knit day student community at Proctor Academy.